Seditol Plus For Balancing Sleep Hormone & Managing Stress Levels

Douglas Laboratories Pure Encapsulations Seditol Plus

Seditol Plus from Douglas Labs comes with herbal ingredients that promotes healthy sleep and relieves you from unwanted stress.

Seditol plus is a health supplement by Douglas laboratories that is used to balance the sleep cycle by calming down the stress levels. A complete vegetarian capsule, it contains specifically designed ingredients that will stabilize the circadian sleep patterns. Read Seditol plus review and get to know how the ingredients work for you.

Produced in the USA by Douglas Laboratories, there are many online supplement websites such as Yes wellness that offers you supplement at an economical price.

How Does Seditol Plus Work?

Well, to be honest, the manufacturing website does a poor job of explaining it to the customers how exactly the product will work for you. However, based on many reviews available the product can help in lowering your stress hormones. It is also excellent in correcting the circadian rhythm that can trigger lack of proper sleep.

Stress and a busy lifestyle can make us forget all about the nutrition needs that the body craves for. Poor eating habits to hogging electronic habits can lead to increase in stress levels. This will not only affect your mood but also lead to a lack of proper sleep.

Seditol Plus corrects all these faults by calming the central nervous system. It soothes the spiked up nerves that lead to irritative behavior, sober feeling, depression, anger and so on.

The ingredients of Seditol Plus by Douglas Labs are herbal and all-natural. This means they have been used as part of traditional medicine from centuries. With regular use, you may see a potential reduction in stress levels.

Pure Encapsulations Seditol Plus Ingredients & Dosage

Here are the active ingredients of Seditol Plus.

  • Lemon Balm – reduces stress and anxiety levels. It also improves your appetite and promotes excellent sleep. An excellent herb for reducing any digestive discomfort (bloating, gas etc.)
  • Passion flower – used to treat sleep problems such as insomnia, GI upset due to anxiety or lack of proper sleep, GAD (generalized anxiety disorder).
  • Chamomile flower – is a natural sedative that assists for a healthy sleep. It can also calm an upset stomach and works as an excellent product to lower the stress level.
  • Ziziphus Spinosa – relieves stress and promotes healthy sleep. It also works as an excellent blood purifier that flushes out the toxins.
  • Magnolia Officinalis – 1000x more potent than vitamin E in delivering antioxidants. It is an excellent bark that calms down your stress levels by synchronizing the cortisol.

Each and every ingredient has been carefully scrutinized to deliver optimum efficiency. The product is manufactured in FDA registered facility that complies with all regulations laid by GMP.

A complete vegetarian product, Seditol Plus does not include gluten, corn, yeast, dairy, wheat, sodium, starch and sugar. The capsules are made out of plant-based ingredients and do NOT contain any animal by-products.

It is a vegan/vegetarian supplement that does not come with any artificial additives or flavors.

The recommended dosage of Seditol Plus is once a day before bedtime OR as directed by your physician.

Instructions and Warnings

  • Seditol Plus is not meant for children.
  • If you are trying to get conceived, pregnant, or nursing, consult your medical practitioner before consuming this product.
  • Also, if you are under any health condition or taking medication, consult your health specialist prior consumption of Seditol Plus.
  • This product can cause drowsiness. Consumption during the daytime may impair the ability to drive or operate any heavy machinery. Having alcohol may intensify this effect. Hence, it is recommended to consume this product during bedtime.

Seditol Plus Side Effects

So far Seditol Plus has not received any side effects. The only reaction is drowsiness that can be easily negated when you are taking this pill during bedtime.

Seditol Plus Reviews

Seditol plus has received mixed reviews from users. On a positive note, the product has worked efficiently without any adverse reactions (if taken as per the prescribed dosage). Many users claim that the capsules are simply amazing.

One user who was dealing with high tolerance to medication felt absolutely relaxed after using Seditol Plus.

Another user says while it works as the company says, the results are not long-lasting. You may need another dose at night as well. A general consensus claim that the price is at par with the capsules offered. Unlike other antibiotic supplements in the market that give a hangover/drowsy feel while waking up, Seditol plus offers no such issues. On the contrary, you will be waking up refreshed and sound due to best sleep.

On the downside, reviewers claim that Seditol Plus does only little to eliminate sleeplessness or insomnia. Customers tried this product for a month and still did not see any effect.

  • Jen – “I thought Seditol plus will work for my insomnia but it didn’t. Will go back to Ambien, unfortunately.”
  • Kirkland – “Product works well. It doesn’t give you a hangover feel next day. The cost too is amazing.”
  • Finerdiner – “Jarrow Formulas used this product for half the amount but they discontinued. I am still buying this supplement though because of its great benefits. A strong endorsement for Seditol Plus from my experience.”
  • Nan – “I would suggest this product to those who want to relax and sleep peacefully at the end of the day.”

Shipping and Returns

Yes wellness is a company that offers Seditol plus currently only in Canada. If you are residing outside Canada, then contact customer care so that you can avail of this product.

Yes wellness is offering FREE SHIPPING above $59 anywhere in Canada.

The company provides a 30-day return policy (money-back guarantee). In case you are not happy, return the unopened product as it is. You will be eligible for a full refund. If you are returning opened products, you will be given store credit.

Pros and Cons of Douglas Laboratories Seditol Plus

To sum it up, here are the benefits of seditol plus and downsides as well.


  • Improves sleep quality thus promoting better sleep
  • Cuts down stress levels
  • Corrects the fluctuating circadian rhythm
  • Enhances your mood behavior and keeps you positive
  • May boost your energy levels
  • Balances the cortisol levels
  • Does not cause any next day hangovers
  • Made completely in the USA
  • Manufactured in FDA registered facility
  • Complies with GMP guidelines that ensures strict quality check


  • Not approved by FDA (being a natural supplement)
  • Causes drowsiness when consumed (should not be taken in mornings)


Overall, Seditol Plus is a decent sleep supplement that has worked for many consumers. It is unfortunate that few people did not see any results. But, no two bodies are the same. So what might work for you might not go well with them.

It is equally important to follow Seditol Plus by Douglas Labs religiously while taking care of your lifestyle as well. For instance, no gadgets during bedtime, healthy foods that promote sleep and debunk stress are of great importance in boosting sleep quality. Combine it with Seditol plus and you will see results.