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The Turnaround Anxiety Program Standard

Turnaround is a situational therapy told through a story to take the child’s mind to the world where he or she has to face the possible causes of their own anxiety and help them find their way out.

Turnaround is an award-winning audio program that will teach your child to manage anxiety issues. It helps them to turn their fears into freedom. This powerful audio tool empowers children to deal with complex situations almost easily in a cool manner without panicking. Parents need to keep a close watch on their kids especially while they are growing and learning to interact with others. This program helps children by teaching them about anxiety, its harmful effects on the body, and ways to overcome it. Turnaround is beyond doubt an amazing program designed by professionals and it speaks directly to your child.

This article explores the following sections and gives a detailed review of this amazing audio program that has transformed lives of many children around the world.

  • Does your kid have anxiety issues?
  • What are the signs of anxiety in children?
  • Common types of anxiety in childhood
  • Should I use turnaround for my kid?
  • How does turnaround program help to treat anxiety issues in my child?
  • What are different turnaround packages?
  • Where can I buy turnaround?
  • Are there any discounts or promo codes available for turnaround?
  • Will I get a refund if I do not find any visible changes or positive results?
  • What do customers say about turnaround?
  • Should you buy turnaround for your kid?

Does your kid have anxiety issues?

Anxiety issues are quite common and they are not just reserved for adults. All kids have fears. You would have seen some kids crying when a stranger picks them up or they get scared of the unknown. There are all quite normal and it is mostly harmless. All these phases change and the kids grow up normally overcoming all their fears. However, when your child starts behaving odd, especially when he or she is worrying too much about something than the normal, then he or she might need help.

Parents usually go into stress as soon as they hear or start noticing that their kids have anxiety issues. You need not worry about every single issue as kids grow over time and so does their behavior. When I was small I had this problem of getting stomachaches and severe tension when my exam results are about to come. I could always feel my feet becoming cold and I never knew that had anxiety issues. I never discussed with my parents nor did they notice, as these terms such as anxiety were not so popular.

Anyways I still worry about many things and my feet still goes cold even after having a kid myself. I have tried many ways to overcome my anxiety issues and I have developed my own ways of coping with such issues. Luckily, I have no major issues, but now I do care and spend a lot of time watching my son. I give him the attention that he needs and I help him overcome his fears. Turnaround program is an excellent tool that helps to deal such issues in children. Wish I had this program when I was a kid, as it really works out.

What are the signs of anxiety in kids?

Children have the same anxiety problems as seen in adults and teens. Even a toddler seems to have anxiety problems and fears. Children, however, find it difficult to communicate and express their feelings. The only way to find out whether you kid is having anxiety problems is by paying proper attention. Children who have anxiety issues will show certain signs

  • Panic attacks in complex situations
  • Angry outbursts
  • Extreme resistance
  • Odd behaviours and rapid heart beats
  • Stomach aches and muscle pain
  • Sweating and shaky hands
  • Fatigue after waking up
  • Lower concentration levels
  • Inability to socialize with other kids
  • Trouble getting out of his or her comfort zone

If you find any of these symptoms in your kid, it is important to seek help. If you ignore these signs, then it can impair his or her normal life and lead to extreme behaviours. There is no need to be stressed or compel your child into anything that makes the situation even more complex. With the right method such as turnaround, you can help your kid to change and deal with anxiety problems easily. If you ignore then this problem can creep into adulthood, so better pay attention and take the right action.

What are the most Common Types of Childhood Anxiety?

  • Phobia – Phobias or fear towards something is the most common types of anxiety. I guess this is quite common, as I still fear about earthworms. Experts have coined five categories of phobias: Animal, Environmental, Medical, Situational, and Other. Children and some adults hardly understand that their fear is irrational. Take my case; I know that the earthworm isn’t going to harm me in any way, but still, I am just scared.
  • Separation Anxiety – It is normal for a child to stay protected under the warmth of his or her parents. It is not wrong, however when he or she does not let go and sticks to his parents always, then it could lead to anxiety problems.
  • Panic Attacks – certain symptoms of anxiety can lead to panic attacks. You can see the heart beats, angry outbursts, emotional meltdowns and hyperventilation. This situation can be quite scary and it needs medical attention.
  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder – this might stem towards a major problem if your child starts worrying about everything at a particular time. You might feel that her worries are quite reasonable and they are normal. The worry may be about friendship, family issues, performance, about winning a competition or participating in sports. Occasionally worrying is normal however when the worry becomes intense it needs to be taken care of.
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder – this anxiety disorder is very difficult to be figured out and most of the times it goes unnoticed. It is a state where child it obsessed with a fear or tries to repeat the same thing over and again to neutralize the danger.
  • Selective Mutism – this is another type of anxiety disorder where children refuse to speak wherever it is necessary. This will interfere with their performance in the school and while making friends.
  • Social Anxiety – this anxiety disorder is faced by adults and children alike. This problem arises mainly due to the fear or embarrassment of Criticism.

All these anxiety disorders are common and some of them are quite normal when they are under the limits. However when you see your kid worrying excessively or going to the extent then you need to take care and seek medical help.

Should I use turnaround for my kid?

Sometimes parents find it difficult to understand or fail to notice anxiety disorders. They are not sure where to start and how to find out such issues. You can definitely seek expert advice or you can also rely on the basic checklist quiz available at the official website of Turnaround. In that quiz, there is a list of symptoms connected with various kinds of anxiety. You can read each question and select the level of the anxiety your child shows. Once you finish answering the questions, you will get a feedback. This will help you to decide whether your kid has anxiety issues or whether it is within the normal range.

The results are sent to your email address, which you have to enter while taking the quiz. Based on the quiz results you will be given suggestions with the help of which you can decide for various therapies, try the simple turnaround program, or do nothing if your child is in the normal range.

How does it help children treat anxiety?

This program is easy to use and there are various exercises for children to complete on a daily basis.
Your child will listen to the 20-25 minute lesson and then figure out the exercises and solutions given in the turnaround journal. There are 10 lessons in total and they are designed in such a way that kids do not get bored.

The lessons based on an adventurous camping story go through exciting phases with six anxious kids taking part as specific characters. These kids have teen mentors (Dr David, Dr Chris, and Emily) to guide them throughout the hiking camp. Now the best part is that the anxious kids speak to the kids who listen to the program. There are different sounds, animated characters and more fun stuff that keep the kids engaged throughout the program. Kids listen to the exciting stories and adventures along with learning about anxieties their attitude changes. The results are awesome and treatment methods bring positive results. Parents can have a taste of this program by listening to the sample audio clip at the official website.

What are different turnaround packages?

Turnaround digital version

Download the Digital Version for PC and app version for smart phones on their official website. This is a great package for international customers and those who want instant help to deal with their children. This package does not include an interview with the neuropsychiatrist, which is available with other packages. This package comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

The digital kit includes
  • 10-day program with all audio files in MP3 format
  • Turnaround journal in PDF format ( you can take print outs)
  • Parent guide resource
  • The chill kit for relaxation exercises

Turnaround program standard

This is a physical version of the turnaround program and the package includes the following

  • 10 CDs of 10-day program
  • Turnaround journal – 74-page workbook
  • Parent guide resource – 2 CD’s
  • The chill kit – relaxation exercises for kids to use at bedtime
  • Medical FAQ- 90 minute with Neuropsychiatrist Dr James Lee discussing anxiety and the medications to treat the issue
  • Comes with a 60-day money back guarantee

Turnaround program premium

This is just the above two versions merged. You get all the above products in one package. The physical products will be mailed to you and the digital version is available for download at the official website.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I buy turnaround?

You can buy turnaround from the official website at discounted prices. The turnaround products are also available at Amazon.

Are there any discounts or promo codes?

Yes, there are discount coupons and promo codes available on various websites such as and other similar sites. You can use them while making a purchase to avail discounts.

Will I get a refund if I do not find any visible changes or positive results?

The refunds are different for the products. As mentioned before, the digital version comes with a 30-day guarantee, a standard program with a 60-day and premium with a 90-day money back offer. If you feel dissatisfied with the product, you can email the customer department and receive cash back less shipping and handling charges.

What do customers say about the Turnaround? – Customer reviews turnaround for anxiety disorders

This program has clinically proven results and adequate research findings to validate the product. Turnaround is one of the best programs purchased by parents all over the world. There are hundreds of testimonials available at the official website posted by many happy customers.

  • “This program is an excellent solution to manage anxiety issues. The package helps parents to guide their children easily. The information in the parent’s resource guide is truly amazing and informative. I love this program as it has helped my kid to improve a lot. “
  • “I am thankful to Turnaround for helping my kid. The kit is amazing and we have a digital version that we can use anytime. This program helps children to overcome their fears and unleash a sense of freedom.”
  • “Great buy for kids. Comes with expert guidance and the customer service is excellent. A bit costly, but results are amazing and it is worth buying.”

For what ages is the Turnaround program helpful?

This program is great for kids under the age of 6 to 12.

How quick are the results after using this product?

This product offers stunning results in the majority of the cases after just one use. However, for some kids, they need to hear it at least twice or thrice for best results. The creators of this product say that only a fraction of the users has not got desired results. The majority of the users have achieved desired results and this product offers great results within a few months.

Conclusion: Should you buy turnaround kit?

This kit is definitely a great product to help kids to manage anxiety issues and overcome fears. There are research studies conducted using this program and the results point out that this product works excellently. You can try this program as it is risk-free and comes with a money back guarantee.