Kasina Mind Machine

Kasina Mind Machine – Deep Vision

Kasina Mind Machine is the most sophisticated product designed by MindPlace (leaders in the niche since 1988). It is the latest light, sound system for entertaining and entraining the brainwaves of your mind.

Feeling stressed? Are you in search of an effective solution to overcome this stress? You know, stress management is essential in maintaining your emotional, relational and overall physical health. It can result in many troubles like hypertension, insomnia, headaches, weight gain etc. Most people tend to consider meditation as a difficult, time-consuming process. ‘Kasina’ is a pali term that refers to an ancient system of meditation. It is especially, done using the visual objects to focus the mind. Further, read on to know more about Kasina Mind Machine. Check out its reviews and much more…

Kasina Mind Machine – Kasina Deep Vision Bundle

Kasina Mind Machine is the most sophisticated product designed by MindPlace (leaders in the niche since 1988). It is the latest light, sound system for entertaining and entraining the brainwaves of your mind. There is a built-in MP3 player along with 8 GB microSD featuring more than 50 audiovisual session excursions. It contains a wide range of audio backgrounds – Each beautifully orchestrated, starting from soothing sounds of nature to ambient electronic tapestries to embedded binaural beats.

Kasina Mind Machine Deep Vision – Features

  • There is a built-in MP3 player. Thus, there is no need for an external device.
  • It is worth at giving a stunning audio-visual experience.
  • Similarly, the device is easy to use, plug and play.
  • You can copy your own music to the Kasina in the WAVE and MP3.
  • Features 225 shades of each color.
  • The package comes with MindPlace Kasina Mind Media system. Along with an extra pair of Ganzframes. This extra pair has an eyes open option.
  • 2 years warranty period on the console and one year on the accessories.
  • Kasina Mind Machine package includes
  • Elegant Kasina Console.
  • 8 GB microSD card and microSD adapter.
  • There are Ganz-frame glasses with 6 LEDs for each eye.
  • In-ear headphones with rubber inserts.
  • The presence of 3.5 mm stereo audio patch cable.
  • Rechargeable lithium battery.
  • Six audiostrobe tracks.
  • 46 spectrastrobe tracks.
  • USB cable and power adaptor for charging.
  • Free Kasina editor software for organizing tracks and creating your own sessions.
  • Quick start guide.

Kasina Mind Machine – Benefits

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Mindplace Kasina Deep Vision Bundle Review – Kasina Mind Machine Reviews

Mindplace Kasina mind machine is an effective form of meditation. The product is in great demand and it has worked for most of the customers. They are saying that it helps to stop the monkey mind. Equally, clears the mind from the extraneous thoughts. Here are some honest reviews for your reference. “Just have a look at them. This may help you in making a right choice towards this Kasina…”

“I had a lovely experience with Kasina. It’s an excellent purchase. Thus, I would guarantee that it is worth at expanding spirituality.”

“Thank you MindPlace for creating this magical formula. I had a great experience with Kasina.”

“I am enjoying this product.”

“Well, I would say that this is a brilliant product with excellent service.”

“The battery life is excellent and it doesn’t need much charging. On the first usage, I was asleep in just 10 minutes.”

“My daughter with ADHD also uses this device. It seems to help her focus. The glasses work well and it has enough cord.”

“Very easy to use! All you have to just select a program and the device begins counting down from 10. It gives you plenty of time to put on the glass and relax (before the actual program starts).”

“This is a well finished, good quality product. Actually, this is what I have been looking for…”

Kasina Mind Machine – Where to buy?

The Kasina Mind Machine is available for sale both at and at One may purchase them at an affordable rate.

Discount, coupon and promo offers

MindPlace offers free shipping on all the orders over $50, Kasina mind media meditation system at $349 and Kasina Ganzframes at just $50. Besides, one may also log in with their email address for all the upcoming offers. Hurry! Don’t miss such offers. Grab them at the earliest…

Frequently asked questions

Can the Kasina be set to flash only one color?

Yes, the product is very customizable. In the menu bar, you can adjust the level of each color starting from full brightness to off.

Does the unit include a soft-on and soft-off feature?

Yes, the spectrastrobe sessions and the mind machine sessions can be programmed with soft on and soft off features.

Where should I contact to clarify my queries?

You may contact at to clarify all your doubts and queries.

What are the different payment choices available at MindPlace?

The different payment options include Visa, PayPal, and MasterCard.

Can I make a purchase from eBay stores?

Ya, the product is available at eBay stores also.


Finally, if you reduce the stress you will be able to boost your overall health naturally. The device is great at inducing positive mood shifting effects. With Kasina you can quickly reach an optimal state of focused relaxation. So, try them at the earliest and share your valuable reviews with us…