Kids Anxiety Disorders

K-OK Kiddie Calmer For Kids Anxiety Disorder

Native Remedies K-OK Kiddie Calmer Pillules

Native Remedies K-OK Kiddie Calmer Pillules is an excellent supplement for children who are prone to fear, anxiety or awkward shyness.

Native Remedies K-OK Kiddie Calmer for Anxiety Disorder in Kids

K-OK Kiddie Calmer is a homeopathic solution for children who are suffering from childhood anxiety disorder, shyness, or separation anxiety.

Childhood may be carefree but children are more prone to anxiety, fear and shyness that are age borne and will go as the child grows. But some kids may not get rid of these troubles easily. It is called anxiety disorders and they show symptoms like, bed wetting, night terrors, selected muteness, panicky, behavioral disorders etc. Children who are suffering from these symptoms for a long time will need medication to calm their mind and to put them at ease. Many of those drugs may have side effects. But K-OK Kiddie Calmer contains only natural ingredients that are proven safe for using in humans and are not harmful and free of side effects. It is a dietary supplement that is safe to take daily. This product is made especially for children and is easily digestible. This is formulated by expert clinical psychologists and is certified by FDA.

K-OK Kiddie Calmer contains Aconite and Silicea that are diluted to 6C. Aconite is known for its use in calming the mind and is popularly used in homeopathic preparations to control the anxiety. It also assists in developing the natural ability of body to soothe the tensed mind. It is helpful for children to come out of shyness and helps them balance the mood and also reduce their agitation. The other ingredient in K-OK Kiddie Calmer is Silicea that is used in homeopathy to help control fretful kids.

K-OK Kiddie Calmer comes as pilues and they are to be taken directly in the mouth and it may be crushed and given for convenience. They are to be taken 5 in number twice daily. The number of times may be increased as per requirement. It must be continued for 12-14 weeks and later it can be reduced in quantity for later support for the nervous system. The results are shown according the individual; some may show immediate results and some other may be late effectiveness. Any mint flavored items or candies must be stopped as it can reduce the effectiveness.

K-OK Kiddie Calmer Ingredients

Children have to go through many troubles during their childhood and many of the fear, anxiety, and hyper activity are all natural. It will be a concern when these troubles are not overcome over the age. Children who still suffer those symptoms even after 6-12 yrs of age must be treated so that they are able to get rid of these problems. Many of the allopathic drugs will have side effects, so homeopathic treatment will be the best for the child. Homeopathy is the branch where the treatment is done not just to suppress the symptoms but also in treating the root cause and eradicate the cause of the discomfort.

K-OK Kiddie Calmer for kids anxiety is a homeopathic herbal preparation that is used to relieve the general anxiety, separation anxiety, nervousness, and fear in children and to help them calm their mind and nerves. It is made with naturally available Aconite and Silicea which are generally used as nerve tonic and popularly used in many such homeopathic formulations. These ingredients are diluted to 6C and combined and made into pilules that are taken 5 in number twice daily.

Aconite is widely used in traditional medicine to treat symptoms that are associated with fear and anxiety. The symptoms may include panic attacks, some phobias, and sometimes numbness also. Silicea has some positive influences on mind, nerves etc, and is used extensively in medicines that are to treat anxiety disorders depression, social phobias, general anxiety etc. People who are very timid and get startled even at the slightest sound are treated using Silicea.

Both Aconite and Silicea have side effects of their own. But since there are highly diluted in homeopathic preparations and here it is especially made for children they are both safe to use daily as long as only the recommended dosage is taken. The only caution is that no mint flavored items are to be taken before or after or as long as the medication is administered. Mint reduces its effectiveness. The results will be shown differently by different individuals, some may have immediate effect, and some others will have late effects.

Does K-Ok Kiddie Calmer Work?

K-Ok Kiddie Calmer is a homeopathic remedy for treating anxious, nervous, and distressed children. It also helps them adjust with the situations and reduce the fear and calm their nerves. This medication is 100% safe and free of any negative effects. It is manufactured by Native Remedies under certified surroundings and with approved ingredients. The ingredients in this formulation are Aconite, Silicea and traces of lactose in very minute quantity. These ingredients have been used for calming fretful children and known to lessen agitated, restless mind and soothe the nerves. It is also helpful in balancing their mood and assists in bodily balancing ability to calm the mind.

K-Ok Kiddie Calmer comes as small pills that are easy to consume and in case children are not willing to take it as it is, it may be crushed and dissolved in warm water or milk. For effective working of K-Ok Kiddie Calmer the proper dosage will be to take 5 pills twice a day possible on empty stomach. Empty stomach will make it possible to directly work on the nerves and it must be consumed at least 15 minutes apart before or after the meals. The pills must not be chewed and must allow melting in the mouth. It may be stopped in 12-14 weeks and the symptoms don’t return. In case the symptoms appearing again it may taken until they are gone.

The usage must be regular for efficiency and no mint flavor must be consumed as it may reduce the effects. The many customers who have tried K-Ok Kiddie Calmer vouch its efficiency in helping their children to get rid of the many anxieties and shyness etc. Cranky children who are not willing to go to school are now ready and happy to go. It has cured children who have showed symptoms of separation anxiety just after two days of taking K-Ok Kiddie Calmer. A gradual improvement will be visible with phobias, anxiety, and shyness but the improvements will be late or delayed in some kids depending on how they react to the medication. Fear of bugs or animals is also reduced with its usage and it also boosts the child’s self confidence.

K-OK Kiddie Calmer reviews & Autism

Anxiety in growing children is natural and it would go as the child grows up. But children with autism will have more intense anxiety disorder than the normal children. Autistic children will show anxiety disorder more often. They show the same symptoms of anxiety like other children but here the symptoms will be more intense. So far there are no medications that are only meant for treating autistic anxiety but certain anxiety drugs can help reduce these symptoms. But many of those drugs have side effects. K-OK Kiddie Calmer is one medication that has no side effects but have only positive effects in the child.

K-OK Kiddie Calmer is manufactured by Native Remedies, a brand that makes various homeopathic remedies for many diseases or discomforts. K-OK Kiddie Calmer is formulated by expert clinical psychologists and is made with natural ingredients. Aconite and Silicea are the ingredients with which it is made. Aconite is a popular homeopathic remedy for anxiety, nervousness and is well known for its work on the nerves. Silicea is used for treating nervous disorders and has direct effects on mind and nerves that are positive. It is widely used in anti-depressant and social phobic. These properties of the ingredients can be a great help for autistic children to reduce their nervousness, certain fear of socializing and to reduce their timid nature.

K-OK Kiddie Calmer may not be a direct treatment for autism but it sure can ease those autistic children with regular intake of the pilules in smaller doses. It can reduce the intensity of their anxious and nervous mind. But K-OK Kiddie Calmer only cannot help the autistic children they would need encouragement, routine and behavioral therapy to overcome the barriers that keep them away from people and slowly and steadily they may be able to come out of their shell and be a better person.

K-OK Kiddie Calmer does not have the same effect if any mint flavored food or candies is consumed along before or after taking the medication. Mint reduces its efficiency to work on the nervous system. Though K-OK Kiddie Calmer does not have any side effects it would be advisable to consult the doctor before administering it to the children.

K-OK Kiddie Calmer in Stores

K-OK Kiddie Calmer is a homeopathic remedy for treating kids’ anxiety disorder and other phobias or nervousness. This product helps the kids to come over their anxiety or fear and to face any situation with confidence. It is made of ingredients that are already used in treating various anxiety disorders and other nervous disorders. The ingredients used are Aconite and Silicea diluted to 6C. They come as small pills that are supposed to melt in the mouth without swallowing or chewing. No mint candies or mint flavored food items must be consumed before or after administering K-OK Kiddie Calmer as it may reduce the medication’s efficiency.

K-OK Kiddie Calmer is available directly from the online store of the manufacturer and there it is available as a separate product or as part of combo packs with MindSoothe Jr the mind soothing remedy, Be-Dry for getting rid of bed wetting habit, or with Tula Tantrum Tamer that helps calm the short tempered kids who have the habit of making a scene out of any situation. The combo packs are economical for the parents whose kids have the combined disorder as well. Special deals, offers, and programs make it easy to have more savings while purchasing this product.

K-OK Kiddie Calmer is available as OTC medicine at the pharmacies at the likes of Walmart. It is mostly available at online stores and there is no need of a doctor’s prescription. It is also available at online stores like Amazon and eBay etc. These sites have their own offers or discounts to have more economical purchase. No matter from where the product is bought, what matters is that how it is administered or on the consistency or regularity of its usage. Because this is what determine the K-OK Kiddie Calmer‘s efficiency. The outcome may vary from one person to another. Some kids may show immediate improvement in their anxiety level or frequency while other may take more time in expressing the improvements. Once the child has come over the fear or any disorders he/she was suffering the medication may be stopped and can be resumed in case they show the symptoms again.