Econugenics Honopure 120 Caps

Here is Honopure from Econugenics that assists you to have a relaxed mind and positive mood levels.

HonoPure is a herbal extract formula from ecoNugenics to help improve the mental health. This herbal extract has been in use to improve the excited mind to calm down and for maintaining healthy mood. It helps with cellular health in many ways and also possesses antioxidant property to deal with free radicals. It helps get quality sleep at night without drowsiness and is aiding in deal with stress.

Table of Contents

  • HonoPure Magnolia bark extract
  • HonoPure health Benefits
  • HonoPure ingredients
  • HonoPure dosage
  • HonoPure side effects and contraindications
  • HonoPure Customer reviews
  • Frequently Asked Questions

HonoPure has wider range of benefits that mainly focusing on a balanced cognitive health and is a major help in cancer recovery and treatment phases.

HonoPure Magnolia Bark Extract

HonoPure is herbal extract taken from the Magnolia tree bark. Magnolia bark extract has been used in Asian medicine for a long time to cure cancer and anxiety. It can relax the mind and aid in sleep without drowsiness or addiction.

The significance of HonoPure Magnolia bark extract is that it is 98% pure with no added additives. Other formulas with the same extract contain only half the quantity if the extract which does not give the actual effects as expected. This Magnolia bark extract is known as HonoKiol which was used as herbal tea mainly in the ancient times.

Econugenics HonoPure Health Benefits

The health benefits of HonoPure are many. It is an excellent remedy for anxiety and for relaxing the mind especially during cancer treatment. The anti-cancerous property of this herbal extract goes back in ages. It is also effective as an anti-bacterial agent, reduce inflammations, regulate blood sugar, prevent obesity, aid in menopause, can work on diseases like Alzheimer’s and much more.

The main focus here is as an anti-anxiety agent, mood enhancer, and cellular health improvement and also as a sleep aid.

  • HonoPure cancer: Honokio is a powerful anti-cancer agent that has multiple ways to tackle the cancer cells and also aiding in the way body reacts to the various treatment drugs. The body might show drug resistance and the active ingredient in Honopure- honokiol is found to be the answer against his resistance. It can promote healthy cell death and prevent the growth of the cancer cells. It is particularly effective in protecting the cells of lungs, breast, prostate, colon, and liver against the cancer cells. It can prevent the growth of primary tumor itself. It inhibits the communication between the tumor cells and arrest their growth.
  • HonoPure for anxiety: Honokiol possesses anti-anxiety properties. It works with the GABA receptors in the brain to relax the nerves and bring down anxiety feeling. It also works to reduce depression. The effects of HonoPure are safe and non-addictive. One need not end up getting addicted or dependent on this supplement to relax the mind. The reduction in anxiety also works well for de-stressing the body and for maintaining mood health. It is this ability that helps it to be effective for menopause.
  • HonoPure for sleep: HonoPure herbal extract contains the active ingredient honokiol that has the ability to cross the brain blood barrier. The compound can relax the mind by supportive smooth cognitive functions. The mind relaxation and reduction in anxiety works well to induce natural sleep. By working in the natural way, HonoPure does not cause drowsiness. One an get up fresh in the morning with no drowsy feel or hangover.
  • An antioxidant: The free radicals are scavengers that eat the healthy cells in the body. The antioxidant activity of HonoPure is many times more than that of vitamin E. This activity could protect the cells in major organs like heart, liver, pancreas etc. It is found to be effective in reducing the blood pressure. Interestingly, not all active oxygen molecules are harmful, and body needs some of them. HonoPure contains the active ingredient that can act as a pro-oxidant that promotes the making of certain type of oxidative molecules in the fight against cancer cells.
  • Antibacterial: Honokiol can fight the bacteria especially that related to oral health issues. It is also effective against hepatitis C virus which takes its usefulness to another level.

Alzheimer’s disease is caused by the death of certain brain cells due to inflammation. Honokiol in HonoPure can prevent this untimely unnecessary inflammation and prevent the occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease.

HonoPure Ingredients

HonoPure contains only one main ingredient- Magnolia bark extract. The other minor ingredients added in it are tapioca starch, veggie capsule, water, silicon dioxide, and stearic acid. There are HonoPure 30 capsules and HonoPure 120 capsules which sound similar but have varying quantity of Magnolia bark extract in them.

  • HonoPure 30 capsules: The HonoPure 30 capsules contain 500 mg of the extract in each capsule. This verison is better used as a mood enhancer or for supporting quality sleep.
  • HonoPure 120 capsules: The HonoPure 120 capsules has higher dose with 1 gm of the extract in it. The higher dose is examined at cellular support and is best used in cancer treatment.

HonoPure Dosage

The dosage of HonoPure differs with the type. HonoPure 30 capsules, that has lower dose of the extract is recommended to take 2 capsules per day. It is better to take with the evening meal since the aim is also to get better sleep. A single would be enough for 15 days.

The HonoPure 120 capsules with the higher dose have a dosage of 4 capsules per day. Split the daily dose into 1-3 times a day. It is preferred to be taken with meals.

HonoPure Side Effects & Contraindications

There are no major side effects of HonoPure. People who have sensitive body might show some drowsiness. In case of drowsiness it is better not to drive. If you are among these take the capsules strictly with the evening meals only. The drowsiness can also be increased with use of alcohol so avoid alcohol while taking HonoPure.

HonoPure herbal extract is not tested for use during pregnancy and lactation period so it is to be avoided in these conditions.
As for the side effects, the other minor indications could be like digestive discomfort which is most likely with overdose of the same.

In rare cases skin rashes and other skin irritations are also seen. In case of these side effects, immediately stop the dosage. The rashes and other problems would disappear within a day or 2. They are not long lasting. But no one know for sure if there are any long term adverse effects.

There are no major contraindications with HonoPure but caution is called for those who are already in any anti-anxiety medication or any other sleep aids. It is safe to use with cancer medications. Minor problems are seen with acetaminophen and steroids. People who take muscle relaxing medications should also take some caution. It is always safe to consult the doctor before starting with HonoPure or any other supplements.

HonoPure Reviews – What are the HonoPure Customer Reviews

Jtrell finds HonoPure herbal extract highly effective to help with restful sleep. There no longer are the groggy mornings. The only remark here is that the product is too pricey for its worth.

A customer was recommended to HonoPure by his naturopathic oncologist. It has helped him get better sleep without any addictive feeling.

There is another user who had high WBC cont. with the help of Honopure he managed to bring it down within weeks. He took only the recommended dose to get the results.

There is another user who didn’t get any positive results with the recommended dosage. He increased the dose to a higher level but ended up with getting skin allergies.

A sleep deprived customer tried Honopure herbal extract and is surprised with the good results. The quality of sleep has improved, since he is a night worker with difficulty falling asleep during day.. It has also reduced the stress levels, food cravings and also managed to lose some significant weight. Not that HonoPure is a weight loss aid but the positive effects on other issues helped with natural weight loss.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take HonoPure on an empty stomach?

It is recommended NOT to take it on an empty stomach. It is recommended to have it with food to avoid side effects like digestive issues. Moreover, the dose is higher and purer.

What is the shelf time of HonoPure?

HonoPure has a shelf life of 2 years without opening the seal.

Should I refrigerate the bottle once I open it?

No, HonoPure need not be refrigerated to maintain its potency. It can be stored in room temperature but away from heat and sunlight.

How long can I continue to use Honopure herbal extract?

HonoPure is mainly targeted for short time use. Some advices, not to continue use it beyond 4 months continuously.

Can I take less than the recommended dose?

Yes the recommended dose is the maximum limit for the day. If you are fine you may have half the recommended dose.