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Homeopathic Natural Remedies For Teen Social Anxiety & Depression Attacks

The constantly changing portraits of life in a teen’s life can create anxiety. Allopathic and homeopathic medications are now a second choice for many people as natural ways exist as remedies for anxiety. They have very few side effects and prove more powerful than others. But before you treat teen’s anxiety it is important to understand it well.

Anxiety is a form of stress that is experienced physically and emotionally. It mainly relates to worry on what will happen, to worry of something that doesn’t fall on track.


If any of the family members has an anxiety disorder, there is a greater chance for developing it in a child.

History that happened in a child’s life-loss of a loved one’s, parent’s divorce, separation from their dear ones, a shift to a new environment are common triggering factors.

Growing up in a family that focuses more on do’s and don’ts will eventually make them view world as an dangerous place and will except the worst.


  • Excessive worry on small matters in life
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Sweating
  • Increased heartbeat
  • Irritability
  • Restlessness
  • Trouble in concentrating

All these problems will make the child weak and affect their day to day functioning.

Homeopathic Nebulizers – Alternatives & Use in Children


Homeopathy is kind of medicine that was created in 1796 by Samual Hahnemamm based with a concept “like cures like”. He termed ‘miasms’ for the underlying causes of the disease. The remedy medicines are prepared by repeatedly diluting a substance that has medicinal value in alcohol or distilled water which is followed by a forceful striking on an elastic body. Dilution is continued well till where the molecules of the original substances no longer remain. The reference book for homeopathy is asrepertories. Homeopathic remedies are suggested taking into consideration of the patients symptoms to the disease, personal traits, the physical and psychological state and their life history.


Homeopathy believes that the body is meant to heal by itself. The body has a self healing capacity and one needs to take certain steps to get the body in proper mechanism where it will function by itself. Homeopathic medicines help and support the body’s self healing capacity. Taking steroids and antibiotics would suppress the immune system to act and act in suppressing the body’s mechanism to heal it.


Nebulizer is a mode for drug delivery that are used for administration of medications in the form of mist or gas that is inhaled into the lungs. Nebulizers are used for treating Asthma, COPD, Cystic fibrosis and other respiratory diseases. Nebulizers uses oxygen, compressed air or ultrasonic power to breakdown the medical solutions into small aerosol (mixture of gas and liquid particles) droplets. This is directly inhaled from the mouth piece of the nebulizer.

One needs to have patience while taking homeopathic medications. Homeopathic nebulizers take little time to act. Hence inhalers are taken when it reaches a stage where asthma is unbearable. Many use bronchodilators as a habit to prevent the symptoms and or before an attack. Homeopathy is strongly against such mechanism since it prevents the lungs from responding naturally to stimuli and improves its response over time. As the homeopathic medications improve with time one’s use of inhalers reduce.


People often chose medications that act rapidly but most of them do not realize that it just gives a temporary relief. All other medications do not give a base to cure the disease, they provide acute relief from the symptoms only and patients do not cope up the body to react with allergens. Homeopathic Nebulizers help the body to increase the natural immune response that will help the body to act against the treatment naturally.

Natural nebulizer treatments are used to treat hay fever and other common infections. The medications that are suggested are Teucrium Marum Verum, Lemna Minor, Sanguinaria, Lachesis, Sabadilla, Natrium sulph, Arsenic Album. The other experimental ways for treating hay fever by homeopathic nebulizer is by spongia, aralea. Raesemosa, sambuscus, balnta orentalis, aspedosperma are given for nebulisation in children.

Asthma is a severe chronic disease that disturbs a patients ease of breathing. Asthmatic attacks disturb the patient well being. It often disturbs the patient’s life and the well being as the attack cannot be determined. Homeopathic nebulizers have proved very effective in patients suffering from asthma. A homeopathic doctor investigates not only the history of the disease and its conditions but also considers the patients behavior and emotional conditions. The remedies for treating of asthma with homeopathic nebulizers are ipecac, pulsatilla, spongia, sulphur, antimtart, hepar-sulph and tuberculinium. It minimizes the effect of asthma within few minutes. It not only helps in relieving the symptoms but also help to cure the disease. Use of homeopathic nebulizer will be an immediate relief of acute asthmatic attack. Doctors advice the use of homeopathic nebulizer with normal saline and mother tinctures.

Pneumonia is one of the serious and dangerous types of fever. Homeopathic nebulizers with use of mother tincture by giving blatta orientalis Q as a remedy. Homeopathic nebulizer with Quebrancho berberis vulgaris, trillium have also proved good for pneumonia patients. Some researchers suggest that the use of colloidal silver as homeopathic nebulizer for treatment of pneumonia. The use of homeopathic nebulizer helps the atomic nano particles of the colloidal silver directly into the blood stream which kills the organisms causing pneumonia.


  • It boosts immune responses and reduces the chance of recurrent infections and prevents further attacks.
  • It helps in reducing frequency of attacks. Complete cure is possible in early stages. It would be better to start the homeopathic treatment before the disease progress to worse conditions.
  • Homeopathic medicines are easy to administer. It improves tolerance to climatic variations that aggravate asthma. It is ideal for all age groups.



  • YOGA: YOGA is a standard method and is proved to be very effective in reducing anxiety in teen’s life. It will also built up a self controlled mind capacity and relief from stress free life.
  • GET ENOUGH REST: REST is very important not only for your body but also your mind and thoughts. Thinking over and over again will not reduce any problem.
  • AVOID: Avoid taking too much of caffeine and chocolate. It will increase teen’s anxiety level.
  • EXERCISE: It is one of the effective ways to reduce anxiety. We don’t recommend you to do all heavy exercise at a stretch. Start with smaller ones. A walk of about 15 min will help teens to reduce anxiety.


  • ENGAGE YOUR MIND: Engage yourself with a busy schedule so that you get very less time to think over disturbing matters over and over.
  • GET OUT AND DO SOMETHING YOU ENJOY TO DO. A ride, a movie with friends, a walk will help you calm your mind.
  • DISCUSS: Discuss about your fears and thought to your mother. She is the best person on earth who can help you out.
  • SOCIAL WORK: Get involved in social groups. Do things that will set back a good thought at the end of the day.


  • CATNIP: it is a part of mint family which is proved to serve as a treatment for anxiety in teens.
  • CHAMOMILE: Natural sedative that calm nervousness in mind is best for mild anxiety.
  • FENNEL: Though not linked directly to anxiety it has helped many to relieve symptoms from anxiety.
  • KAVA: it is a best herbal supplement for moderate anxiety. Its root has effects on stress and anxiety.
  • PASSIONFLOWER: It is best for mild to moderate anxiety. It is prove to be reducing mood swings, prevent agitations to calm the nerves.
  • ST.JOHN’S WORT: it helps to fight against depression and less specifically for anxiety. It is very good mood lifter.
  • VALERIAN ROOT: It is an effective sedative. It soothes the muscles reduce mental and physical tension and make it easy for one to relax.


  • Avoid mixing herbs with prescription medicines without a doctors concern.
  • Do not consume more than recommended
  • Combining herbal supplements with healthy lifestyle would make it more effective.
  • Confirm if the herb is not allergic to your body.
  • Do not mix with alcohol.
  • No medicine will cure the disorder until your efforts are put into it.


Talk openly to your child. Ask for their personal feelings. Too many questions relating to their anxiety will trouble them. Understand their difficulty. Enquire about their performances to their teachers and coaches.

Stay patient and supportive. Engage them in any of the physical activity or any form of art if they show interest. Set examples from other’s life and teach them that letting go of worry will help him/her to enjoy more happiness and fun.

Take them to a counselor. Share the signs and symptoms you feel in their absence. Pointing out negative thoughts in teen’s presence will make them more difficult to face the situations.


Anxiety is a natural part of adolescence and is an expected phenomenon for teens and preteens. However, if your child has major effects in his/her life kindly seek a medical professional.