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Absorb Health Adrafinil For Cognitive Support

Absorb Health Adrafinil Nootropic Supplement

Adrafinil is a nootropic supplement that enhances your mood levels and improves alertness in the body without making you hyperactive.

The signs of stress and workload taking its toll on your health are when you notice that you have less attention span and inability to recollect your thoughts as fast as you used to. Without concentration it is impossible to win in this competitive world. People take many drugs to get their mental strength back. Absorb Health Adrafinil is among those drugs that can improve the cognitive health of a person it helps improve the state of the healthy hormones needed for the brain. Such drugs often have their own problems when taken for longer periods but Adrafinil can help improve the concentration and alertness, without any drowsy feeling.

What is Adrafinil?

Adrafinil is otherwise known as a prodrug- something that is metabolized in the body into another active agent. It is a compound that can stimulate the production of a certain chemical that in turn will trigger the production of neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin both these neurotransmitters are highly important for cognitive health.

Adrafinil is a precursor to Modafinil- a prescription drug that is used to improve mental alertness. It helps boost the energy and makes you stay awake and alert during the day. No more sleepy heads during the day or lethargic feel as well.

Benefits of Absorb Health Adrafinil

The benefits of taking Adrafinil are,

  • Increase alertness of the mind with no jittery feel
  • Improves focus or concentration
  • Promotes wakefulness and eliminates sleepiness

Who can use?

  • Adrafinil is useful for those who feel sleepy during day time for no reason. They need some mental stimulant such as this to improve their stamina and alertness.
  • Adrafinil is beneficial for truck drivers who need more focus and alertness to reach their destination in time.
  • It improves the overall productivity of the person which in a longer run highly appreciated.
  • People who work night shifts can benefit from this supplement if they take it in the evening time.
  • Adrafinil can bring speed and accuracy together to the mind and make people better able at what they do.

Modafil, which is popular than its precursor, is a regulated drug where you need a prescription to have it. Absorb Health makes this Adrafinil that is not regulated by the laws and is available as over the counter medicines.

How Does Adrafinil Work?

There are no sure conclusive ways that proves how Adrafinil works. There are 2 theories of its working. One states that Adrafinil compound triggers the increase in the level of hypocretin- a neurotransmitter. This neurotransmitter then increases the release of chemicals that increase the attention, concentration, and relieves fatigue.

The second school of theory is that it has a role in breaking down the glutamate in brain. Increased level of glutamate can interfere with cognitive health and by breaking them down helps improve the state.

Ingredients & Dosage Of Adrafinil

Abrosb Health Adrafinil is in capsule form. Each capsule contains 300mg of Adrafinil compound in it. The ideal dosage of Adrafinil is 150-300 mg and this one has the maximum limit. Adrafinil is available in bottles with 30, 70, 100 and 150 capsules.

Take only 1 capsule a day for as long as you needed. Take Adrafinil on an empty stomach in the morning. Never take it during afternoon as it can interfere with your sleep pattern. Adrafinil causes mental alertness and taking it in the afternoon could cause you to lose your sleep.

Adrafinil is soluble in water and can be taken along with water or other water based juices. NEVER take Adrafinil and alcohol together. Stay away from alcohol for as long as you take this supplement.

Safety measures

Absorb Health Adrafinil has the highest dose for this supplement. Anything more than capsule can be overdose so stick to this 1 capsule rule. Taking more capsules will not help your metal state but would only worsen it.

It is not safe for pregnant and nursing women. People who take drugs for other disorders should consult their doctor before taking these capsules.

People who take heart medications, with renal disorders, digestive system problems or with epilepsy should stay away from Adrafinil.

The long term use of Adrafinil can cause liver problems. Adrafinil is processed in the liver that can trigger the over production of liver enzymes which leads to other problems. So for long term usage, get a break of a week or more in between and resume the dosage as usual to avoid such problems. Because of this reason, Adrafinil is not advisable for those with digestive tract problems or liver problems.

Side effects of Adrafinil

  • Common: The side effects, Adrafinil could cause some mild irritations in the form of dry mouth, nausea, irritability, sleep disturbances, and anxiety at the most. These are side effects that are mostly seen during the initial days of dosage. It should bereleived within a week or 3 of usage. If these symptoms sustains for longer, it is better to stop the consumption.
  • Serious: The serious side effects possible are the cases of hallucinations, chest pain, heart palpitations, getting bruised etc. that makes Adrafinil unfit for those with heart problems. There also have been cases like digestive problems like stomach pain, abdominal pain etc. If these side effects are seen, immediately stop the usage and seek medical attention.
  • Rare: Among the rare side effects, there is mental confusion and some manias that were not there before that.

Pros & Cons of Absorb Health Adrafinil capsules



  • The major issue is that it increases the liver enzyme levels.
  • Not an ideal choice of long time use
  • Longer side effects than its immediate counterpart
  • Highly expensive than most other cognitive supplements


The balance between the pros and cons conclude that the supplement is neither beneficial but nor par with any side effects. The side effects are rather milder and the serious ones are not widely seen. In that case, this drug is safe. The only issue is careful usage with enough gaps between 2 courses.

As for the price of the product, with various online stores offering this, it is not difficult to get a good deal with the product and save more money. Because, when it comes to positive effects and the money worth, Absorb Health Adrafinil stays higher and beneficial.